Frameless Shower Doors

Monroe Glass showing Goshen-corner-unit-with-clamps-1920 Designing and installing frameless doors is a huge part of our business. We can assist you in building a unit that is beautiful as well as functional and all of our work is guaranteed. Most often, at Monroe Glass and Mirror we build the frameless doors ourselves, buying the glass and hardware directly from suppliers, which in turn saves our customers money! Our showroom in New Hampton, New York, has great displays to see, so come in and take a look. We love to see your ideas too, so if you have pictures from magazines that help define the look you want – bring them with you. Visit C. R. Laurence, Custom Hardware Manufacturing, Inc., and U.S. Horizon for products we feature.

Framed Shower Doors

Century Bathworks framed-shower-doors

We are a leading installer of Century Bath Works out of Paterson NJ. Century is a well known manufacturer of quality enclosures, selling only to the trade and has been in business for over 50 years. Why bother getting by with a stock door from a big box store, when you can get a unit that properly fits and will work for years to come? Century has many beautiful glass options and hardware choices too!

DFI Treatment

DFI’s coatings have proven to significantly reduce maintenance costs of glass and are extremely impact, scratch and graffiti resistant. They also keep surfaces looking and performing like-new ‘forever’.  This revolutionary product is gaining momentum in the glass industry.  Now any shower door can be pretreated at the factory with this product. In doing so, you seal the pores of the glass that would normally absorb soap and water stains. More often than not, these stains become permanently etched in the glass. With DFI, your cleaning time is cut down drastically and it helps keep your door looking beautiful for years to come. For more information, visit the DFI website.